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Verimation Mail Security Gateway Overview

Secure and spam-free mail is this easy


The Verimation Mail Security Gateway offers the best protection available today against unwanted or dangerous mail-borne content. With VMSG you can sleep well knowing that your users and infrastructure have the highest levels of protection, saving you both time and money.


VMSG is probably the most flexible mail security gateway on the market today. It was designed from the start to act as your Internet mail server (MTA), a mail security gateway, or both with minimal configuration needed. With a wide variety of security and routing options, VMSG also gives you the fine-grained control needed to govern who can send what to whom and make sure it gets delivered.


VMSG is sold on an annual per-user fee that includes support, updates and new versions. You may install as many instances of the server as you like in whatever role(s) you like. Our philosophy is that your infrastructure should be designed according to your own needs and not somebody else's licensing model.

With VMSG you get:

* Professional version only