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neonInsight Overview

Staying Mobile

Business critical

E-mail is the most widely used form of business communication today and for many companies, it is THE mission critical application. Most employees can happily continue to work when some applications fail, but when your mail server stops, business grinds to a halt.

neonInsight™ offers a number of unique features as standard for increased reliability. File-system based storage provides robust data handling and saves you from the database headaches all too familiar with other solutions. Automatic on-the-fly backup and restore means your system is always ready when you need it. And the high-availability configuration provides automatic failover in the event of catastrophic hardware failure.


neonInsight™’s reliability features mean less downtime, scheduled or unscheduled, and translates directly to savings in lost productivity and administrator load compared to other leading systems. neonInsight™’s ability to handle thousands of users on a single server reduce the hardware requirements and complexity of an installation, also resulting in direct savings. And neonInsight™’s unique single-instance message storage feature, one stored message regardless of the number of receivers, offers significant storage savings, often over 40%. neonInsight™ with appropriate operating and hardware systems, reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) significantly by increasing the efficiency of your hardware.

neonInsight™ gives you:
  • Full-featured e-mail service with advanced web client and desktop client access
  • Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes with web or desktop clients
  • Mobile access: e-mail, calendar and contacts synchronization for iPhone, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry and others.
  • VMail Support
  • Commtouch “Zero Hour” AntiSpam/AntiVirus protection
  • Microsoft Outlook access with similar functionality as when connected to Exchange
  • Single Instance Data Storage
  • Easy transition from existing messaging solution
  • Unlimited Virtual Domains
  • Global Address Book
  • On-the-fly Backup/Restore
  • Server-side Message Filtering Rules
  • Instant Messaging
  • All this running on commodity hardware and the Linux distribution of your choice