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HMAC Suite Overview

When accuracy counts

Digital Seal. A digital seal is used to check that a file has not been modified. The seal is produced with the HMAC algorithm and added to the protected file. The data, together with a unique key, is used in the algorithm. The unique key is distriuted to each user who will send sealed files.

Functionality. HMAC Suite is ready to be used within minutes after simple installation. HMAC Suite does not require any programming since it works with files. Unprotected files are sealed in a very secure process which is operated by java program or script calls.

  • HMAC Suite is foremost used to protect file transactions to Bankgirot and Plusgirot.
  • Configurable
  • New file layouts can easily be supported by using a technique based on templates
  • HMAC Suite can easily be adapted to customer demands
Technical specification
  • Supported on all major computer platforms
  • A long key length provides very high security
  • No special hardware requirements
HMAC Suite provides the following benefits:
  • Protects sensitive data from manipulation
  • Guarantees that a specific file comes from an authorised user
  • Verifies local copies of central stored data